Vampire Diaries: Rules are Rules

vampire-diaries-imageSometimes I really wonder how writers of fantasy/sci-fi shows keep track of all the rules of the immortal world. I have to say, as head writer of the Vampire Diaries; Julie Plec does an amazing job keeping up with all the super powers within the crazy twists and turns of the numerous story lines on the show. If you haven’t watched Vampire Diaries check it out on Dish Network satellite television.


With characters like vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. it has to be a tough job making sure you’re not breaking any of the rules that were laid out from the beginning of the series when creating new storylines. I have never watched a show that had so many different kinds of immortal creatures and so many new characters that stuck around for such a long time. Sure, a character is killed off maybe every other episode, but half the time they come back to life on the same episode and the other half you know will be back at some point or another. And still, somehow it is very rare that I find a forgotten detail.vampire-diaries-image2

I really enjoy how the show never seems to lose track on placing the emphasis that half the characters on the show are teenagers and are basically newbies at being supernatural. Like in the premiere of season 5, Caroline and Elena move into their dorm as college freshmen and are cheering to a new experience with a bag of blood. And when an unanticipated roommate almost walks in on them doing so, Caroline emphasizes concern to Elena that the girl is a liability. The writers haven’t forgotten that the girls are still new at being vampires and temptations are still high for them. I think that’s what makes Vampire Diaries so special, they don’t forget about the little things.


Also, in the season premiere Catherine is newly human again. As she pours herself some whiskey at the Salvatore residence, she mentions how her tolerance is at an all time low. Hence the fact that the vampires on the show are constantly pouring shots of whiskey down their throats and never getting drunk. The writers don’t forget about the little details that make each supernatural character their own. For me, it gives the show a rawness that makes it different than other supernatural dramas.