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Will They Cut off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead?


One of the most iconic moments of the original Walking Dead comic book occurred when the Governor cut off Rick’s right hand; in a normal situation, this would be a huge change in Rick’s life. But in a world where Rick is trying to fight off the living dead and hostile human enemies, losing a hand is not just a great shock and adjustment, it’s a significant hindrance. In the TV show, the Governor did not cut off Rick’s hand, although he did physically injure him to the point that Carl thought he would not survive. However, just because his hand was not cut off at that exact moment doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen—the show loves to play around with the comic book’s timeline and Rick’s loss could occur later on. But will it happen?


Yea: It could completely change Rick’s personality

Rick is the main character of the show and main characters need to evolve and change in order to keep the show interesting and fresh. Rick has already gone from the moralistic, upright sheriff to someone who doesn’t take prisoners. If Rick were to lose his hand, it would completely change his role in the group. He would have to learn to fight with one hand—which would make killing walkers much more difficult, since he would be unable to do more than one thing at a time. He could end up taking a backseat in the group due to this physical hindrance; and, of course, the emotional toll of losing his hand could significantly affect his personality.

Nay: It would be a pain in the butt for the costume and filming department

Filming a main character missing a hand would be difficult for both the costume department and the show’s director. Prosthetics would likely need to be used in almost every scene that Rick is in to create the illusion of a fake hand, which would mean extra time for Rick in the makeup chair and constant check-ups to make sure the prosthetics don’t get damaged during filming. It could also mean difficulties for the filming director, who would have to find ways for Rick to be in the action using only one hand—something which could be very difficult for the more complex, intense and fast-paced action scenes which are a hallmark of the show.