Charter Communications Does It All

Charter Cable can double your home entertainment and telecommunications options in one easy Bundle.When you sign up for Charter TV, Charter Internet and Charter Phone at the same time, you can have a complete home package, with all the additional features and services Charter Communication has to offer.. Get one bill and pay for three monthly services through one provider. It can’t get any easier than that.


Charter TV offers incredible deals with their programming packages. Get thousands of digital choices that keep your family entertained for hours. Keep everyone in the house happy with a multitude of programming options that include sports, children’s programming, movies, music videos and more.

Get more options with International programming, and sports or movie premiums. Watch these selections when they air, or record them and watch them later from the DVR. A DVR, or HD-DVR can record programming, play it back and rewind, pause and fast forward your shows to give you complete control over your lineup.

Get customized viewing 24/7, and never leave your couch to do it. Save tons of money in late fees and extra trips to the movie store, or save the gas money you would spend to go see live action. Watch it at home, entertain your friends and family and save money all at the same time.over-200-channels-best-deal-charter-spectrum

Charter TV is the home of on demand video viewing. Get thousands of selections instantly at your fingertips. Get new movie releases, free movie selections and tons of clips, shows, sports, music and children’s programming. Never do without again.

Check into the Specials and Events section for your live entertainment from sporting events, comedy events and live music. It can’t get much better than this.

Trust Charter Communications to help you with on screen digital guides and Parental Controls to keep the kids on parent-approved programming, even when your back is turned.

If you would rather watch your programming online, let Charter Internet provide you with unbelievable speeds, reliable connections and constant online security. Your personal information is safer, your online experience goes smoother and you can play your multi-player games with a lot less lag.superior-picture-hi-speed-no-buffer-internet-picture-sound-charter-spectrum

Enjoy the convenience of online security that is built in to the service. Enjoy the added convenience of online Parental Controls to block harmful sites. Enjoy WiFi that can support up to ten devices at one time, including gaming consoles, iPhones and tablets.

Talk as long as you want through unlimited calling by Charter Phone. Make your local and long distance calls without the hassle of counting the minutes. Talk for hours to neighbors or family that is halfway across the country.

Need to talk to someone overseas? Use the International calling service Charter Phone offers and get a great deal while you stay in touch. This service even offers voice mail and calling features you can use at NO additional charge. That’s right. Pay one rate and get the freedom and savings you

Charter Communications provides these services for more than 5 million customers already. Isn’t it time you joined the families that are already saving money?