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Simon Cowell Can Be Rude

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

The infamous Simon Cowell was rude and offensive even as a young child. When he was just four years old, one of his first insults was aimed at his mother when he stated that her hat gave her the appearance of a poodle. He’s well-renowned for never backing down and giving his opinion quite freely and usually with a heavy dose of sarcasm.¬†Ironically, Simon’s offensive criticism has literally won over his plethora of fans, yet countless others despise him.simon-cowell-image

Simon Cowell was born in 1959 in London and staked his claim to fame as an acting judge on the hit British TV show –¬†The X Factor, ever since 2004. Subsequent to his overwhelming success as a judge on The X Factor, he then proceeded to develop the wildly popular – Got Talent. Next, Simon quickly took on the position as executive producer for America’s version of the U.K.’s The X Factor – America’s Got Talent.


However, it was Simon Cowell’s incredible knack for his direct criticism on the British reality TV show Pop Idol that propelled him to fame among the Brits. He was thrust into super celebritydom after he created the ever-popular American Idol. Known as the provocative judge who tells it like it is, he doesn’t seem to care much whether the recipient of his remarks likes it or not.


Many people aren’t aware that Simon went on to create Celebrity Duets, the Red or Black game show, Grease is the Word, and ABC’s American Inventor. It’s obvious that Simon’s creativity reaches far beyond the scope of music-based competitions and talent shows. Simon’s come a long way since working at EMI Music Publishing and is now a universal household name.


On a more recent note, Simon stunned his fans and fellow judges alike when he sang Can’t Help Falling in Love, working as an X Factor judge. Does his talent know no bounds? Apparently, Simon Cowell is a goldmine of discovering ingenious talent – including his own.