Which TV Streaming Service is Best for You?

As technology has become more accessible, businesses have used it to offer services that make the life of their customers better. The streaming service industry is subjected to this phenomenon too. Gone are the days when you used to rush back home, so that you do not miss your favorite show, or you had to set an alarm to catch a movie screening on a TV channel. With the advent of streaming services, the users are now in charge of what they want to watch, when they want to watch, and how they want to watch it. 2016 offers a lot of reasons for people to seriously consider leaving behind their cable TV subscription and here they are.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime instant Video

This is an awesome service, which is only expected, when a brand like Amazon is backing it. The company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on Prime Instant Video to create an exhaustive library and a great service experience for their users. Thanks to the multiple deals and partnerships with the likes of Warner Bros., Amazon Prime has a lot of TV shows and movies to offer to its users. There are many original shows like Alpha House and Transparent, which are available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime works on all kinds of electronic devices, which makes it all the more easier to welcome in your household. Until recently, Amazon Prime Instant Video was only available with an annual subscription of $99. However, now it also offers a monthly package that costs only $10.99. Extra charges apply for pay-per-view content and video on-demand. There is a 30-day free subscription available for those who want to test the waters, before they take a dive. It is recommended to take advantage of this option to make sure whether Amazon Prime instant video meets all your entertainment needs or not.

Other than the wide selection of content, price and hardware compatibility, Amazon Prime also offers added Amazon benefits like free 2-day delivery on all Amazon purchases. This makes complete sense for someone who is into online shopping. In this case, there is no better service around.


Streaming Hulu plus service preview

This is another great service backed by the likes of Disney-ABC, Fox, and NBC Universal. Thus, it is obvious that Hulu has no dearth of good content or any problems in sourcing more of it. The free version called just Hulu offers only limited programming and understandably so. But, if you upgrade to Hulu Plus, by paying a small monthly rental of $7.99, you can get to all the content the service has to offer.

A little heads up for movie buffs here. Hulu Plus works great for television shows, but not so much for watching movies. On the other hand, it has a really great collection of television shows for its subscribers. In fact, many of the shows get updated as soon as they are released. While many of the other services only update TV shows after the season ends online, Hulu does it within days or sometimes even hours of them being broadcasted.

The only caveat in an otherwise great service is the number of the ads that the premium version comes with. On an average, there is a 3-minute advertisement for every 10-minute of a video. This can spoil the whole mood for some users, while others do not consider it a really big issue.


Netflix streaming services

Unless you have not been living under a rock for the past decade or so, it would be hard to believe that you have not heard about this service. This is the biggest of them all. This is the service that not only pioneered streaming, but also set the standards for the industry. It is the amazing service of Netflix that has brought in so much limelight to the business of streaming services. The service can be yours for a measly $9.99 per month.

The library of Netflix is the envy of most streaming services. One word that defines it is – Huge. There is so much to choose from, especially in the movie section. You can find latest movies and most of the television shows. But, the list of cable television shows offered by Netflix is not as impressive as its movie collection. But, Netflix now offers exclusive shows that it has found a lot of success with. The political drama, House of Cards that aired on Netflix garnered rave reviews. The same goes for Orange is the New Black. Given the fact that Netflix is going for exclusive deals like these, it can make it a go-to service for TV shows as well, something that it was not known for before.

As far as the availability of the app is concerned, it is present everywhere. Since it was one of the first streaming services and a wildly popular one at that, most manufacturers make it a point that their devices support this feature.

Sling TV

Sling TV pricing

Though there is a lot of entertainment that is offered by other streaming services, the one thing that has always been lacking is the availability of content for sports enthusiasts. Cord cutting has therefore not been a move of choice for people who want to watch sporting events. However, with Sling TV, even that changed. At $20 a month, Sling TV offers its viewers programming just like cable television. Its users can watch shows and movies live, as they are being aired.

The best part is that the users can also watch ESPN with this service, along with local sports channels. Sling TV combines this with the hassle-free approach of streaming services. All you need to do is have a high-speed internet connection and that’s it. The service is not compatible with all the devices. It is only available on the iOS platform, Amazon Fire TV Box and Stick, Roku TV, and Xbox One. There is no contract that needs to be signed or credit check that needs to be done. It works exactly like cable television and costs much less. 

You can find more information about the Best Streaming TV services here.

Benefits of Dish Network Satellite Television and Dish Net Internet

DISH Network is a satellite TV provider that offers numerous packages at affordable prices. As the leader in satellite television service, they are always working on improving their service quality. With Dish Network Satellite television you get a great channel lineup, and it contains lots of channels to choose from anytime you like.

There are also lots of benefits. One of it is availability. DISH Network is one of few TV providers that are available in all 50 states. Mainly speaking, anyone with a perfect view of the southern sky ought to be able to get DISH Network service.


Depending on what deals you are looking for, Dish Network Satellite television packages begins with the Basic package featuring over 500 channels that you can relax with. While enjoying the wide selection of topics, you can go all the way up to packages featuring more channels just in case your needs are even more specific and none of them are beyond the reach of a standard living wage.

The DISH website has several features that help simplify the purchasing process. With the press of a button on your remote you can call to order Dish Network Satellite television TV service online to watch and get all the action from any of your favorite sports channels, be it the Premier League matches to NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA.

DISH Network also provides access to various online support guides, to aid existing customers with any developed technical issues. For folks that like to get things done online, DISH helps make it easy.


Now your favorite Satellite television provider offers you the best deals in HD service. Plus, you’ll see extra crisp pictures and fantastic features every time you sit down and best of all, it’s already included in your packages! With the crystal clear picture of Dish Network HD, you will get every important detail inside the world of entertainment. Hop over to getsatellite.com for more info about Dish Network Satellite TV promotions.

DISH Network Internet (DishNET)

Dish Network satellite Internet service, now called DishNET was launched in 2012 by DISH Network to give folks access to high-speed Internet service at an inexpensive price especially those in rural areas of the United Sates.


DishNET is the cheapest satellite Internet service when bundled with DISH TV. Depending on the package you choose, DishNET gives you up to 30 GBs of total bandwidth and download speeds up to 10 Mbps. With these speeds, you can surf the web, check your email, play games, stream videos, and shop online in just a little. However, dishNET should be more than sufficient for your daily web browsing, emailing and media streaming.

DishNET delivers most of the extra features we looked out for in satellite broadband services today. With a highly attractive Network bundled services that will satisfy your needs if wireless satellite services are your only option for high-speed internet and television.


They also offer internet phone service, so you can get all your communications needs complete by one provider, which is suitable for billing and dealing with technical problems.

Things you Didn’t Know About Continuum



Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series created by Simon Barry and produced by Reunion Pictures Inc., Boy Meets Girl Film Company, and GK-TV. The series originally premiered on Showcase, a Canadian network channel, premiering with 10 episodes for the first season. The second season, debuting in April of 2013, consisted of 13 episodes total. On June 5, 2013, Continuum was officially renewed for a third season which premiered in March 2014 on Showcase in Canada and April 2014 on Syfy in the US. Although the show creator had anticipated creating 7-10 seasons for this show, it was renewed for a fourth and final season that will consist of 6 episodes, scheduled to premiere this year.

The series focuses on the efforts of a rebel group from the year 2077 that travel back in time in order to stop their future from occurring, in which corporations have taken over and replaced governments. They arrive in Vancouver in 2012 and begin enacting their plan. Unbeknownst to them, a police officer from their future has also joined them in their time traveling adventure, though she plans to stop them from rewriting history, without alerting anyone that they’re all from the future.


The series focuses on Kiera Cameron. She is a protector, a highly trained and highly advanced law enforcement agent employed under the city’s corporate rulers in the aftermath of global governmental collapse. While on duty, Kiera must stand watch at a public execution of a rebel group known as , the likes of which haven’t been seen in years. What should have been a simple day turns out to a pivotal moment in Kiera’s life. In an explosion that saves the rebels from execution, they are thrown back in time, along with Kiera, to 2012, 65 years into their past.


Kiera finds herself in the past, equipped with only some of her equipment. It serves strong enough to keep her safe, and allows her to hunt down the rebels and prevent them from enacting their wicked plan. They’ve come back to the past to prevent their future from ever occurring, a future that Kiera is desperately trying to return to in order to be with her family. While maintaining her identity, Kiera must battle the Liber8 rebels while trying to find a way back home. However, she soon learns that her presence in the past may not have been as accidental as she thought.

As the main focus of the story is time travel, there’s been much debate as to rules of time travel in the Continuum universe. There are two possibilities regarding time travel in this universe. In one theory, the past, present and future are locked in place and cannot be altered. The second theory involves various different time lines that may occur whenever something occurs, be it in the past, present or future. In the latter, Kiera would be able to return to her timeline, though other timelines would also exist that bear a striking resemblance to her original timeline. Throughout the series, there is evidence to support both the time-loop version of time travel, as well as the multiple timeline. As the series progresses, series produce Simon Barry has stated that the rules governing time travel in Continuum will become clearer. Just click right here to find more television & internet entertainment options.


Will They Cut off Rick’s Hand in The Walking Dead?


One of the most iconic moments of the original Walking Dead comic book occurred when the Governor cut off Rick’s right hand; in a normal situation, this would be a huge change in Rick’s life. But in a world where Rick is trying to fight off the living dead and hostile human enemies, losing a hand is not just a great shock and adjustment, it’s a significant hindrance. In the TV show, the Governor did not cut off Rick’s hand, although he did physically injure him to the point that Carl thought he would not survive. However, just because his hand was not cut off at that exact moment doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen—the show loves to play around with the comic book’s timeline and Rick’s loss could occur later on. But will it happen?


Yea: It could completely change Rick’s personality

Rick is the main character of the show and main characters need to evolve and change in order to keep the show interesting and fresh. Rick has already gone from the moralistic, upright sheriff to someone who doesn’t take prisoners. If Rick were to lose his hand, it would completely change his role in the group. He would have to learn to fight with one hand—which would make killing walkers much more difficult, since he would be unable to do more than one thing at a time. He could end up taking a backseat in the group due to this physical hindrance; and, of course, the emotional toll of losing his hand could significantly affect his personality.

Nay: It would be a pain in the butt for the costume and filming department

Filming a main character missing a hand would be difficult for both the costume department and the show’s director. Prosthetics would likely need to be used in almost every scene that Rick is in to create the illusion of a fake hand, which would mean extra time for Rick in the makeup chair and constant check-ups to make sure the prosthetics don’t get damaged during filming. It could also mean difficulties for the filming director, who would have to find ways for Rick to be in the action using only one hand—something which could be very difficult for the more complex, intense and fast-paced action scenes which are a hallmark of the show.



All About Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World


British children who grew up in the 1970s will no doubt have fond memories of Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World. The film starred a dog called Digby, who accidentally drinks an experimental liquid that causes him to grow–and grow, and grow. The dog is sold to a circus; however, he escapes and travels the countryside in search of his beloved boy owner. All the while, Digby continues to grow larger and larger, and his owner works alongside the scientist who created the formula to find Digby and stop his unusual growth spurt.

Digby was one of the most popular children’s films in the early 1970s, and it inspired a newfound love in British popular culture for English sheepdogs. But how much do you really know about Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World? The following is everything you need to know about this beloved part of British pop culture.digby-the-biggest-dog-in-the-world-image2

The film was based on a book
Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World was based on a children’s novel of the same name by Ted Key. The book and the film follow relatively the same plot, although certain details—such as names and the exact locations that Digby encounters during his journey back him—were changed for the motion picture.

The film starred acclaimed actor Jim Dale
Jim Dale appeared in the film as Jeff Eldon. At the time, Dale was already acclaimed for his work on television, in film and on the stage. Other films that Eldon appeared in around this time included Pete’s Dragon and The Plank.


An unknown amount of dogs played Digby in the film
It is known that multiple dogs were cast to play the role of Digby in the film, particularly because the film involved certain stunts that were easier for more experienced dog actors. However, the names of the dogs were not recorded or included in the official cast list, and the exact number of dogs who played Digby in the movie is still unknown to this day.100

The film required plenty of special effects for Digby’s growth
Digby’s continual growth during the film was achieved through the use of various green screens, which allowed the filmmakers to film the dogs playing Digby against a screen and then later insert filmed footage in the background of those scenes to create the full effect.




Vampire Diaries: Rules are Rules

vampire-diaries-imageSometimes I really wonder how writers of fantasy/sci-fi shows keep track of all the rules of the immortal world. I have to say, as head writer of the Vampire Diaries; Julie Plec does an amazing job keeping up with all the super powers within the crazy twists and turns of the numerous story lines on the show. If you haven’t watched Vampire Diaries check it out on Dish Network satellite television.


With characters like vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. it has to be a tough job making sure you’re not breaking any of the rules that were laid out from the beginning of the series when creating new storylines. I have never watched a show that had so many different kinds of immortal creatures and so many new characters that stuck around for such a long time. Sure, a character is killed off maybe every other episode, but half the time they come back to life on the same episode and the other half you know will be back at some point or another. And still, somehow it is very rare that I find a forgotten detail.vampire-diaries-image2

I really enjoy how the show never seems to lose track on placing the emphasis that half the characters on the show are teenagers and are basically newbies at being supernatural. Like in the premiere of season 5, Caroline and Elena move into their dorm as college freshmen and are cheering to a new experience with a bag of blood. And when an unanticipated roommate almost walks in on them doing so, Caroline emphasizes concern to Elena that the girl is a liability. The writers haven’t forgotten that the girls are still new at being vampires and temptations are still high for them. I think that’s what makes Vampire Diaries so special, they don’t forget about the little things.


Also, in the season premiere Catherine is newly human again. As she pours herself some whiskey at the Salvatore residence, she mentions how her tolerance is at an all time low. Hence the fact that the vampires on the show are constantly pouring shots of whiskey down their throats and never getting drunk. The writers don’t forget about the little details that make each supernatural character their own. For me, it gives the show a rawness that makes it different than other supernatural dramas.

Simon Cowell Can Be Rude

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

The infamous Simon Cowell was rude and offensive even as a young child. When he was just four years old, one of his first insults was aimed at his mother when he stated that her hat gave her the appearance of a poodle. He’s well-renowned for never backing down and giving his opinion quite freely and usually with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Ironically, Simon’s offensive criticism has literally won over his plethora of fans, yet countless others despise him.simon-cowell-image

Simon Cowell was born in 1959 in London and staked his claim to fame as an acting judge on the hit British TV show – The X Factor, ever since 2004. Subsequent to his overwhelming success as a judge on The X Factor, he then proceeded to develop the wildly popular – Got Talent. Next, Simon quickly took on the position as executive producer for America’s version of the U.K.’s The X Factor – America’s Got Talent.


However, it was Simon Cowell’s incredible knack for his direct criticism on the British reality TV show Pop Idol that propelled him to fame among the Brits. He was thrust into super celebritydom after he created the ever-popular American Idol. Known as the provocative judge who tells it like it is, he doesn’t seem to care much whether the recipient of his remarks likes it or not.


Many people aren’t aware that Simon went on to create Celebrity Duets, the Red or Black game show, Grease is the Word, and ABC’s American Inventor. It’s obvious that Simon’s creativity reaches far beyond the scope of music-based competitions and talent shows. Simon’s come a long way since working at EMI Music Publishing and is now a universal household name.


On a more recent note, Simon stunned his fans and fellow judges alike when he sang Can’t Help Falling in Love, working as an X Factor judge. Does his talent know no bounds? Apparently, Simon Cowell is a goldmine of discovering ingenious talent – including his own.

Charter Communications Does It All

Charter Cable can double your home entertainment and telecommunications options in one easy Bundle.When you sign up for Charter TV, Charter Internet and Charter Phone at the same time, you can have a complete home package, with all the additional features and services Charter Communication has to offer.. Get one bill and pay for three monthly services through one provider. It can’t get any easier than that.


Charter TV offers incredible deals with their programming packages. Get thousands of digital choices that keep your family entertained for hours. Keep everyone in the house happy with a multitude of programming options that include sports, children’s programming, movies, music videos and more.

Get more options with International programming, and sports or movie premiums. Watch these selections when they air, or record them and watch them later from the DVR. A DVR, or HD-DVR can record programming, play it back and rewind, pause and fast forward your shows to give you complete control over your lineup.

Get customized viewing 24/7, and never leave your couch to do it. Save tons of money in late fees and extra trips to the movie store, or save the gas money you would spend to go see live action. Watch it at home, entertain your friends and family and save money all at the same time.over-200-channels-best-deal-charter-spectrum

Charter TV is the home of on demand video viewing. Get thousands of selections instantly at your fingertips. Get new movie releases, free movie selections and tons of clips, shows, sports, music and children’s programming. Never do without again.

Check into the Specials and Events section for your live entertainment from sporting events, comedy events and live music. It can’t get much better than this.

Trust Charter Communications to help you with on screen digital guides and Parental Controls to keep the kids on parent-approved programming, even when your back is turned.

If you would rather watch your programming online, let Charter Internet provide you with unbelievable speeds, reliable connections and constant online security. Your personal information is safer, your online experience goes smoother and you can play your multi-player games with a lot less lag.superior-picture-hi-speed-no-buffer-internet-picture-sound-charter-spectrum

Enjoy the convenience of online security that is built in to the service. Enjoy the added convenience of online Parental Controls to block harmful sites. Enjoy WiFi that can support up to ten devices at one time, including gaming consoles, iPhones and tablets.

Talk as long as you want through unlimited calling by Charter Phone. Make your local and long distance calls without the hassle of counting the minutes. Talk for hours to neighbors or family that is halfway across the country.

Need to talk to someone overseas? Use the International calling service Charter Phone offers and get a great deal while you stay in touch. This service even offers voice mail and calling features you can use at NO additional charge. That’s right. Pay one rate and get the freedom and savings you need.live-tv-on-any-device

Charter Communications provides these services for more than 5 million customers already. Isn’t it time you joined the families that are already saving money?

Comcast Promotions Offer So Many Choices

Have you looked at the Current Comcast Promotions lately? When there is a choice of providers for your area, how will you know which one is the right one? Your choices now will determine how much you pay in the future. Since some providers require a contract, you may be paying a price you don’t really want to pay, for a lot longer than you want to pay it.


Since you do have a choice, a little research now may help you with the long-term expenses of honoring a contract or paying to get out of one. Instead of finding out the hard way, start by looking at a professional provider like Comcast.

Comcast offers hundreds of digital and HD television channels, with features like On Demand, Pay Per View, a DVR or HD-DVR, International programming, sports and movie premiums and Parental Controls. It also provides digital home phone services and high-speed broadband internet. Comcast can give you the three most important services a home has a need for, with a single Bundled monthly rate. This rate will help you save money while enjoying these services.

This cable provider can give you the pricing you need, the services you need, and the convenience of a single monthly bill.


Required Downtime
No matter how much you want to stay connected, there are times when other providers will not be as reliable as they claim. Some providers have to contend with the weather, others with dial up speeds, or DSL connections. With Comcast, you can get the high-speed internet connection you are paying for, with broadband reliability.

These connections are so reliable, they are always on. That means there is no required downtime, and no expensive bill at the end of the month, charging you for services you didn’t get to use.

Comcast offers broadband packages that can produce as much as 100 Mbps. Now, that’s fast. This service comes with the internet security and Parental Controls you need to maintain control of your home network. Plus, you get the additional benefits of a personalized homepage, free email and online content to watch with your wireless device.

With speeds that peak at 100 Mbps, you can get the largest downloads in seconds. Play online games with a lot less lag, upload home videos and pictures, and navigate your favorite social sites with ease.find-sports-on-demand-xfinity-deals-promotions

Talk Too Much?
When you have a family full of talkers, you can get overwhelmed with your monthly phone bill. Expensive overages, per minute plans and hidden fees can keep you from maintaining a monthly budget. This is especially true if you are locked into an unsatisfying monthly contract.

With a contract, you are stuck paying expensive monthly rates. With Comcast, you get a reliable digital home phone service that offers unlimited local and long distance calls to any location in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This calling freedom comes at a flat monthly rate that even includes calling features, at no additional charge. With your needs met through one provider, you can take it easy on your mobile minutes and keep more money in your pocket.

Comcast can even provide you with International calling options, so that you can better control your monthly expenses, even when you have to make your overseas calls.


Bundled Control
When you are the one responsible for paying that monthly bill, you don’t want to have to go through a lot of trouble to give someone else your hard-earned money. Your monthly bill from your monthly provider needs to be easy to understand, affordable and correct. If you have to spend as much time looking over the bill for mistakes, or trying to figure out where the charges came from, it gets to be more of a hassle than its worth.

Comcast provides easy to understand monthly bills, with the rate it promised at your sign up. It gets even better with a Bundled service package, because Bundles give you all of your charges for these three services on one monthly bill.

Not only do you spend less time pouring over the bill to make sure you are not getting ripped off, but you have all of your charges in one statement. This gets even better when you can sign on to pay your bill online. Quick, easy and painless, Comcast can give you all of the features and services you need at one time.

While you are deciding on your home provider, remember Comcast. This provider knows how to give you the services you want for an affordable rate.

Time Warner Cable Creates A World of Wonder

time-warmer-cable-image2Break up the monotony with Time Warner Cable Internet services. To prevent your kids from complaining of boredom, set your parental controls and they can browse the web and play games without you worrying anymore. With Time Warner Cable Internet Wi-Fi, you can browse the web in comfort. Take your laptop to the living room and get comfortable on your couch while you do your work. Your spouse can enjoy watching YouTube videos or sending emails to family and friends. The options are endless, and you and your family are protected from viruses and hackers with Time Warner Cable Internet protection packages. Enjoy your peace of mind and surf without limits.


Vibrant Colors And So Much More

TV has come a long way since your grandparent’s time, when everyone wanted to come to your house if you had a 19 inch TV in black and white. Now a days, people are bored with anything, because they have seen everything.

With Time Warner Cable TV services, you can give your family something to look forward to. Watch your favorite shows in HD ON Demand and watch your kids marvel at the bright colors. You would even be able to get your kids to sit down with you and watch an educational program. With HD, you have a variety of channels to watch that would satisfy anyone in your household. Record your favorite movies and shows while you are out, so you can keep up with your favorite characters in your own time and at your own pace. You can pause, fast forward and rewind your program, so you can deal with life’s little interruptions without missing a scene.


Say Hello with Time Warner Cable 

It can be hard to find time in your busy day to make a phone call to old friends and your family. With Time Warner Cable Home Phone services, your phone service is affordable and unlimited. Talk to your dad about the last storm they had, or chat with your kids while they are visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Even call internationally to college buddies abroad. With Time Warner Cable, you are in touch with everyone, anywhere.

Have It All 


Silence your family’s complaints for more entertainment with Time Warner Cable Digital Service Bundles. Your kids can pause, fast forward and rewind their favorite shows with DVR and On Demand services. You can record a movie your family has not seen, and set up a family movie night. Bring the whole family together with 3D shows and movies that pop right off the screen. Update your out of town family and friends on everything happening in your life with Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service. You have unlimited local and long distance calling to keep you talking with everyone you know, whether they are across town, or across the globe. Also send email updates to your loved ones, as well as surf the web and do school work; either on your desktop, or on your mobile device with Time Warner Cable Internet and Wi-Fi. Bring your family together for a great low price.